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Bene Bear® helps teach Respect, Kindness, Empathy, and Giving with an additional focus of Benevolence

Bene Bear®

Sparkle the Rescue Dog helps teach Respect, Kindness, and Empathy with an additional focus of Pet Care

Sparkle the Rescue Dog

Seawhee the Turtle helps teach Patience, Kindness, Sharing, and Cooperation with an additional focus of Ocean Conservation

Seawhee the Turtle

Haylo the Horse shares emotions like Happiness, Sadness, Anger and Anxiety with a focus on recognizing and working through emotions

Haylo the Horse

Add to your token collection with 15 additional tokens--great for classroom use!

Additional Tokens
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15 Additional Bene Buddies Tokens $3.99
Grab some more Bene Buddies Tokens for your collection!  Great for classroom use!
The Bene Buddies Collection
The Bene Buddies Collection $139.99
The Bene Buddies Collection includes all 4 kits:  Bene Bear®, Sparkle the Dog, Seawhee the Turtle, and Haylo the Horse! 
Haylothe_Horsepackage Haylo the Horse
Haylo the Horse $39.99
Haylo the Horse helps children recognize common emotions like Happiness, Sadness, Anger, and Anxiety.  Since horses most closely mirror human emotions, Haylo is the perfect friend to help your child learn to work through emotions!  When they demonstrate this ability, children earn a token to put in Haylo's back.  All the tokens collect in his specially designed pouch, ready to reuse and trade in for a reward!
Sparkle the Rescue Dog Sparkle the Rescue Dog
Sparkle the Rescue Dog $39.99
Sparkle the Rescue Dog helps teach and reinforce Respect, Kindness, Empathy, and Giving but with an Animal and Pet Care focus.  Each Sparkle the Rescue Dog Kit comes with Sparkle, the storybook Sparkle For Pets and 15 Tokens.  A portion of each purchase of Sparkle the Rescue Dog goes toward an animal rescue organization called CrisisDogs NC.
Seawhee the Turtle Seawhee the Turtle
Seawhee the Turtle $39.99
Seawhee the Turtle helps teach and reinforce Patience, Kindness, Sharing, and Cooperation with a focus on Ocean Conservation.  The Seawhee Kit comes with Seawhee, the storybook Seawhee Saves The Day and 15 Tokens.  Seawhee's book gives great tips on how to help take care of our beaches and oceans so that our sea turtles and ocean animals can grow and thrive!
Bene Bear® Bene Bear®
Bene Bear® $39.99
Bene Bear's purpose is to help teach and reinforce Respect, Kindness, Empathy and Giving.  Bene Bear comes with a storybook called Bene Bear® Benefits The World and 15 Tokens.  Bene Bear's additional focus is Benevolence. Bene Bear® Kit--Each kit includes Bene Bear®, the storybook Bene Bear Benefits The World, and 15 Bene Buddies Tokens

Check Out How To Use The Bene Buddies!

There are lots of opportunities with Bene Buddies! Use our unique token reward system for positive character traits, managing emotions, using manners, completing chores, behavior modification and more!

What People Are Saying About Bene Buddies

I got Seawhee for my 3 year old daughter to help build up
her positive energy. She loves sea creatures so it is a perfect addition to our home. My daughter doesn't like to share or clean up her fruit snack wrappers. She'll clean up toys but not her wrappers. I told her if she gets all 15 coins, she can get a scoop of ice cream.The book has 18 pages, but they kept the sentences short and sweet and the ending word of the sentence rhymes, which is perfect for early readers. I love how the book teaches us that we should clean up after oursleves to keep our
oceans and beaches clean for sealife!"


Sparkle wants your child to learn how to be kind to animals and every time your little one demonstrates kindness or helps to take care of an animal or pet, you give him or her a prized blue token. Sparkle also comes with his own little booklet that you can read to your child and, as your child learns to read, this could be their own very first reader. The book is all about how to care for pets and it is on a pre-K reading level that should be attractive to most kids. Of course, you can use Sparkle and his tokens to teach your child all sorts of lessons. Perhaps after all the tokens are used up and stored into Sparkle you can switch to teaching other life lessons. Teaching with fun rewards is a time honored method of learning and Sparkle’s mission is to help teach your child. When all the blue tokens have been rewarded and stored for good behavior and intentions, you can choose your own prize to reward your child for completing a learning lesson. And, perhaps, if your child is a little older, you can even switch up from blue tokens to actual coinage to dole out allowances, bonuses or other rewards for good deeds. It’s nice to have a toy that’s interactive without your child having to rely on a phone or tablet these day"

K Collins

Sparkle The Dog has truly become a heartwarming addition to our home, instantly winning over my son with its adorable charm. From the moment he opened the package, the friendly face of this stuffed dog captured his heart, and it has since become his constant companion. The cute and endearing design of Sparkle has sparked a world of imagination and joy for my son,

leading to countless secret conversations and shared moments between the two closest friends I've ever witnessed. The Bene Buddies Collection has truly created an irresistible stuffed animal that goes beyond being a mere toy—it's a plush delight that brings genuine warmth and companionship. One of the standout features of Sparkle The Dog is its practicality. Not only does it offer endless cuddles and playtime joy, but it's also easy to clean and maintain. A quick wipe-down is all it takes to keep Sparkle in excellent condition, ready for the next adventure. This convenience adds to the overall appeal, making Sparkle not just a beloved companion for my son but a stress-free choice for parents who appreciate both the joy of play and the ease of care in a stuffed animal.



 "I use this bear to create an interactive reward system for my class. Whenever I see random acts of pure kindness I allow that child to place a coin into the bene bear. Also when the class is well behaved I place a coin in the bear. When all the coins are gone I reward the class as a whole. I also change the goals and rewards from time to time. This is a great interactive toy with lots of different possibilities."


 "The Bene Bear is so soft! I love the story behind this bear and what this bear stands for! I use it in therapy to work on fine motor skills and following one step directions! This product is so versatile and I absolutely love the soft texture of the bear! It is durable and ready
for play!"


 "What a fun way to teach children about patience, kindness, sharing,
cooperation, and even ocean conservation. I enjoyed reading the book, there are cute illustrations and a fun story. The plush turtle is
darling and well made too. I am excited to give this as a gift for our granddaughter. Thanks for such a great product!"

Preston Shumway

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Bene Buddies™ have won 11 different awards, from Mom's Choice Awards to National Parenting Center Seal of Approval!

Storybook Included!

Each Bene Buddy comes with its own storybook that teaches character traits through an engaging story!

Heartfelt Characters!

Bene Buddies™ focus on having a good heart for others so that your child can go into the world with heartfelt lessons in mind!

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