Karalyne Ley founded Bene World to help children learn the importance of respect, empathy, kindness and giving, traits parents’ surveys place at the top of the list for traits they want their children to have.  She created Bene Bear® to help children learn the importance of benefiting the world!  Bene Bear and the Bene Buddies™ reinforce these important traits using an interactive approach.  Before starting Bene World, Karalyne owned a successful business for young children and was a teacher.  She used the concept of Bene Bear with her three sons and discovered how well it worked.  Together with her mother, Martha, they created the Toys With A Purpose™ line.

Martha Moore developed our first Bene Buddy, Sparkle the Dog.  In addition to teaching respect, empathy, kindness and giving, Sparkle teaches children about pet care and kindness to animals.  She co-created Seawhee the Turtle to reinforce the traits of patience, kindness, sharing, and cooperation.  Seawhee also encourages children to take care of our beaches, oceans and sea life.  Martha formerly co-owned an educational development company, worked in the corporate world and was a kindergarten teacher.

Our latest creation, Haylo the Horse, teaches children all about the importance of recognizing their emotions as well as how to work through emotions in a positive way.  We know that mental health and emotional development is so important for children!

When a child associates putting the token in one of our Toys With A Purpose™, the behavior is learned and repeated each time. Our hope is that the good feeling that comes along with the benevolence and positive character traits will stay with your child for an entire lifetime! Thank you for supporting the Bene Buddies movement and please feel free to spread the word!



Bene Buddies™ have won 11 different awards, from Mom's Choice Awards to National Parenting Center Seal of Approval!

Storybook Included!

Each Bene Buddy comes with its own storybook that teaches character traits through an engaging story!

Heartfelt Characters!

Bene Buddies™ focus on having a good heart for others so that your child can go into the world with heartfelt lessons in mind!